There are a lot of things to consider when you decide to buy a home in Montana, whether it is your first home, a recreation property or a second home.  As active local area realtors in Columbus, MT, we can offer you some help.  Keep in mind that real estate in different areas of the country are not the same as they are in Montana.


The first thing on your list should be your finances.  You need to decide what your budget is and what you are pre-approved for from a bank if you are not paying cash.  Your local bank that you use is a great place to start.  Be realistic about your budget.  When you make contact with your realtor, make sure you have a copy of your pre-approval letter because it will show the seller you are a serious buyer. 


The second thing on your list should be location and area.  Do you want neighbors or do you want to be a little more secluded?  What is the noise level in that area?  Is there a nearby train?  Are there a lot of kids in the neighborhood?  Is it close to work or where you could easily commute to work?  How far are you willing to drive?  How are the schools? Park?  Shopping?  Are you willing to haul water if you live out of town?  A lot of homes in outlying areas have cisterns and not wells.  Drive around and talk to people who are willing to communicate with you about their experiences. 


The third thing is what are your must haves and what are your wants?  It would be helpful to take the time to make a list and actually think about it.  Layout, appliances, fixer-upper, new roof, windows condition, flooring, storage, heating and cooling should all be things you consider when you are looking at property.  Montana homes are different in some aspects from other parts of the country.  There are different types of subdivisions and neighborhoods throughout the Billings area, so if you don’t like one part, we can find you a part that you love.


Are there going to be any added expenses that you would need to consider first thing when you move into the home?  Are there certain things you would overlook on an inspection report in order to get the home in the location you desire?  
We can help guide you through any phase in the real estate process here in the local area of Columbus, Montana.  We are local area experts in the Stillwater County valley area and are here to assist you with your Montana real estate needs!