There are a lot of sellers out there who are considering selling their Montana home, but there is one thing that seems to be holding a lot of people back, regardless of their circumstances:  Where will we go?

There are several options to consider, even in a tight real estate market. The seller should first establish if they are staying in the immediate area or is this the time to move somewhere else? Is it time to downsize?

The first option for the seller to consider is to lease the home back from the buyer to allow the seller more time to find housing.  Another option is the sellers could extend the closing date so it fits their moving schedule and allows them time to get packed and ready to move.  Option three is that sellers could also make the sale contingent upon their finding suitable housing.  While this not be ideal for buyers, if they want the house, it gives the sellers a little more wiggle room.  Sellers could have the option to terminate if they can’t find housing in a specific time period.  Sellers could even consider renting a place until they find their perfect property. 

Keep in mind, with real estate transactions, anything can happen and anything can change. Often times when sellers start purging their belongings and want less stuff to manage because the kids are gone, they might decide it’s time to downsize so maybe the type of property they thought they needed changes.  When you have a seasoned real estate professional guiding you, there are always more options to consider.  Selling your property isn’t an easy decision and you have to be comfortable with your decision.  Remember, nothing is impossible!